Cataract surgery

    A beautiful gaze has two facets: the beauty of the world that you see around you and the beauty of your gaze that people perceive.

    Dr Cadet is specialized in restoring these two aspects of your gaze’s beauty. Seeing the beauty of the world that surrounds you is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Don’t let a cataract prevent you from enjoying life fully.

    When the natural lens of your eye becomes cloudy because of aging or another reason, you have a cataract. A cataract causes blurry vision and glare (eg from incoming car lights).

    Thanks to recent technological advances, cataract removal is performed during a safe, quick and painless surgery. If you are a good candidate, new high-performance lenses that are implanted in the eye at the same time as cataract removal allow you to enjoy good vision from near and far while minimizing the need for wearing glasses.

    All pictures are meant for illustrative purposes only. Individual results vary and are unique to each patient.